Staining and coverslipping solutions

Staining and coverslipping solutions

How often does this happen to you too?

Pathologists are complaining about slide quality and being late again. Inconsistent stain quality makes it harder for them to read. Your lab tries to deliver the perfect H&E but it’s not so easy tracking your stain quality. While working hard to keep up with the busy lab, your techs still struggle to track refreshing the reagents. As if the workload isn’t demanding enough, your glass coverslipper has been acting up and failing again. Your lab does its best to keep up anyway, this is all business as usual.
But what exactly happened in the lab this morning, that is making pathologists complain this time?

You did some investigating. It appears the techs got overwhelmed, they had important STAT requests to get out ASAP, while more and more glass coverslipped slides were also coming out needing to be re-coverslipped by hand. While focusing on re-coverslipping and making sure those STAT requests are still being prioritized, someone forgot to refresh the alcohols and xylenes on the stainer. You know that all these sources of error MUST be eliminated. But how? How do you help save your lab from these struggles and confidently guarantee that it won’t keep happening? Can you really do all this AND get those slides to the pathologists faster?

Sakura Finetek provided the solutions for this busy lab.

Let’s fast forward a few months in time to this lab, after working with their Sakura Finetek Area Sales Manager (ASM)…

Pathologists are happy with the quality of slides they’ve been receiving and the timely manner they are receiving them, including their STAT requests. In addition, histotechs are also feeling more relieved in the lab. How did this happen?

The ASM provided the Lab supervisor with publications and data that convinced them to switch to the Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus Automated Slide Stainer and Tissue-Tek Film® Automated Coverslipper. The lab is also using the Tissue-Tek Prisma® H&E Stain Kit #1, which enables them to keep track of their reagent quality. They are confidently sending out slides with the same stain intensity and appearance that was chosen since the first slide on day one. Using the Stain Kit and barcode reader, the lab is also alerted when it is time to change those reagents. Using the Prisma Plus, the ASM helped the lab set up a slide management count for their alcohols and xylenes as well, alerting them when they reached their specified slide count. The lab is also able to ensure that the STAT requests are being prioritized using the STAT feature. And switching to the Film Coverslipper provided the techs with reliably coverslipped slides and more saved time. Film coverslipped slides have been coming out at an unmatched speed, flawless and ready to be read every time. The techs are also happy to be saving time with less maintenance of the Film Coverslipper. They are now able to focus on all their other tasks in the lab. Finally, their lab is achieving the perfect slides for their pathologist every time and it has never been easier or faster.

Coverslipping Solutions

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