Tissue-Tek Xpress® Series Processing Reagents

Tissue-Tek Xpress Series Processing Reagents are proprietary reagents that are specially formulated for use on Tissue-Tek Xpress Series Rapid Tissue Processors, including the Tissue-Tek Xpress®x12

Reagents uniquely formulated for safe, efficient, and rapid tissue processing

Tissue-Tek Xpress Series Processing Reagents are proprietary reagents that are specially formulated for use on Tissue-Tek Xpress Series Rapid Tissue Processors, including the Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 and Tissue-Tek Xpress® x50.  Tissue safety is of the utmost importance during tissue processing.  The three most common sources of errors that can lead to possible tissue damage and non-diagnostic tissue involve reagents, and these errors include creating an incorrect dilution or concentration, pouring the wrong reagent into a wrong bottle, or mixing up reagent bottle positions on a processor.  By combining the simple, ready-to-use Xpress Series Reagents with the ingenious error-free design of the Xpress Series Rapid Tissue Processors, you never have to worry about these errors again.  No dilutions, no pouring, and no bottle swaps equals a worry- and error-free system that requires users to do perform zero extra steps for safety like RFID or barcode scanning of the reagents.  Xpress Series Tissue Processing Reagents help your laboratory reduce risk and improve tissue safety without the need for non-value-added steps.

Tissue processing reagents need to do one job and do it well, and that job is to properly process tissues.  From H&E to advanced testing methods like immunohistochemistry or molecular, the Xpress Series Reagents are the key to excellent tissue quality that is equal to or better than that produced by a conventional tissue processor based on a blind comparison study1.  With reagents compatible with all routine and advanced staining methods, Xpress Series Reagents enable your laboratory to continue to provide the high-quality, expected results that are crucial to a proper diagnosis.

Tissue processing is often the most time-consuming step in the histology process with conventional processing protocols often taking multiple hours as multiple reagents are pumped in and out of the tissue processor retort.  Xpress Series Reagents are combination reagents expertly designed for rapid tissue processing.  The liquid processing reagent in the processing kit performs dehydration and clearing of tissues simultaneously, saving time and reducing reagent volume on the processor.  Processing time for even large tissue samples can be reduced from up to 8 hours on a conventional processor to only 2.5 hours, saving up to 5.5 hours1.  Pairing the Xpress Series Reagents on the Xpress x120 with the power of continuous automated embedding on the Tissue-Tek AutoTEC® a120 provides the fastest achievable turnaround time, enabling laboratories to reduce the time from grossing to microtomy by an average of 10.5 hours2.  Xpress Series Reagents empower your laboratory to process faster, significantly improving turnaround time and the ability to provide same-day diagnosis of more cases.

Conventional processing requires a significant volume of often hazardous reagents, resulting in large inventories, costly removal, and, of course, increased risks of exposure to you, the user.  Xpress Series Reagents are both formalin- and xylene-free.  The innovative tissue processing reagent design is capable of processing up to 1,500 cassettes from a single kit, reducing in-lab inventory, but more importantly, saving money by cutting reagent waste by up to 80%.  Xpress Series Reagents will allow your laboratory to minimize waste management costs while promoting a less hazardous working environment.

Changing reagents on a conventional tissue processor wastes valuable tech time that can be better used on other tasks.  Xpress Series Tissue Processing Reagents come ready-to-use in a single kit that includes both the liquid processing reagent as well as the properly measured amount of paraffin.  An entire change of the reagents can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes and completely error-free.  There is no need for redundant checks, extra steps, or additional rework.  No tissue processing reagent exchange is faster or easier.  Xpress Series Reagents offer your laboratory add convenience, allowing your staff time for other important duties.

1See NSH 2019 poster presentation “Conventional versus Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 Rapid Tissue Processing: A blind comparison study using large surgical tissue

2See Cockerell Dermatopathology's poster presentation titled “Continuous Specimen Flow Changes Night Shifts to Day Shifts While Reducing Turn-Around-Time (TAT)” from NSH 2015 in Washington, D.C.




Ready-to-use reagents
  • Protects tissues by eliminating the risks of incorrect dilutions, bottle pours, or bottle swaps while also saving valuable tech time
Compatible with all general and advanced tissue staining and testing techniques
  • Current H&E, specials, IHC, and other testing procedures may stay the same
Specially formulated combination reagent
  • Performs tissue dehydration and clearing simultaneously for safe, rapid tissue processing
Rapid tissue processing reagent
  • Saves up to 5.5 hours of processing time versus conventional to improve overall turnaround time
High cassette throughput per reagent volume ratio
  • Saves money by cutting waste management by up to 80% versus conventional for the same volume of cassettes
Formalin- and xylene-free
  • Reduces the hazards of onboard reagents, minimizing exposure risks and reducing ventilation requirements
Convenient processing kit
  • Includes both the liquid processing reagent as well as the appropriate pre-measured amount of paraffin for a simple, complete reagent exchange
Rapid reagent exchange
  • Saves valuable tech time allowing for the entire volume of the onboard liquid processing reagents to be changed in under 3 minutes and the entire reagent exchange and maintenance to be completed in less than 15 minutes
Product name Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 Processing Reagent Set
Tissue-Tek Xpress® x50 Processing Reagent Set
Product code 7730
Application For use in processing human and animal tissue specimens as part of the histopathology process to facilitate the in vitro examination of tissue for morphology changes by a pathologist.
Kit components 7730   2 x 3.8 L bottles Processing Reagent #1
           2 x bags Processing Reagent #2 (3.0 L each when molten)
7760   1 x 3.8 L bottles Processing Reagent #1
           1 x bag Processing Reagent #2 (3.0 L when molten)
Regulatory status IVD, FDA Class I
Item code Product name and quantity
7720 Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 Rapid Tissue Processor
7115 Tissue-Tek Xpress® Pre-Processing Solution; 4 x 3.8L/case
7117* Tissue-Tek Xpress® Pre-Processing Fixative; 4 x 3.8L/case
7120* Tissue-Tek Xpress® Molecular Fixative; 4 x 3.8L/case

Warning.png*WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Methanol, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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