Tissue-Tek® Paraform® Sectionable Cassette System

Its unique sectionability makes Tissue-Tek Paraform a significant improvement over standard histology and pathology cassettes. Specimen orientation is preserved from grossing through to microtomy by s

Endless potential for efficiency and productivity

The Tissue-Tek Paraform Sectionable Cassette System is a true innovation in histology and pathology cassette design that eliminates the need to perform manual steps at embedding. The unique two-part system is composed of a rugged frame that is compatible with most commercially available cassette printers, and an inner cassette made of a proprietary material that has sectioning characteristics similar to paraffin. The inert cassette material also does not pick up stain or interfere with microscopic tissue examination. 

Its unique sectionability makes Tissue-Tek Paraform a significant improvement over standard histology and pathology cassettes. Specimen orientation is preserved from grossing through to microtomy by simply orienting the grossed specimen in 1 of 6 available cassette types: Standard, Biopsy, Orientation, Shaved Biopsy, Core Biopsy, or 13 mm x 13 mm Biopsy. These versatile cassette options allow Tissue-Tek Paraform to accommodate a variety of specimens, even those requiring special orientation (e.g. skin or tubular specimens), while eliminating the risk of orientation errors, tissue loss and cross contamination. 

The proprietary Tissue-Tek Paraform material withstands exposure to all the volatile reagents and fixatives typically used in histology and can be processed in any tissue processor. After processing, Tissue-Tek Paraform eliminates the need to open the pathology cassette to reorient tissue, thus simplifying embedding, increasing productivity, and preserving tissue integrity. 

Although compatible with all existing laboratory methods and manual embedding processes, Tissue-Tek Paraform combined with the Tissue-Tek AutoTEC®  a120 Automated Embedding System provides total automation of the embedding process for high quality, predictable results while saving time and resources.



The six innovative cassette designs secure the tissue through processing and embedding
  • Prevents loss of tissue and misorientation during processing and embedding
The frames can be printed and barcoded at grossing, providing accurate tracking of specimens
  • Reduces risk of lost or mislabeled specimens through the processing and embedding 
The Paraform Cassettes can be easily faced by Sakura Finetek or other manufacturers' microtome blades
  • Eliminates the need to change the current implemented sectioning process
The Paraform Cassettes can be utilized on both conventional and rapid processors as well as manual and automated embedding systems
  • Minimizes changes in present implemented processing or embedding systems

Tissue‐Tek® Paraform®  Sectionable Cassettes

Product code

Product name and quantity

7019 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Biopsy Cassette, 13 mm x 13 mm; 500/case
7020 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Biopsy Cassette; 500/case
7021 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Standard Cassette; 500/case
7022 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Orientation Cassette; 500/case
7023 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Shaved Biopsy Cassette; 500/case
7024 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Core Biopsy Cassette; 500/case

Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames

Product code

Product name and quantity

7030 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Aqua; 500/case
7031 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Blue 500/case
7032 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Gray; 500/case
7033 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Gold; 500/case
7034 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Green; 500/case
7035 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Lilac; 500/case
7036 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Orange; 500/case
7037 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Pink; 500/case
7038 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Red; 500/case
7039 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Tan; 500/case
7040 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames White; 500/case
7041 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Frames Yellow; 500/case

Tissue‐Tek® Paraform®  Stacked Frames
Conveniently taped in sleeves for easy loading to the Tissue‐Tek® SmartWrite® and Tissue‐Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Printers as well as other compatible printers

Product code

Product name and quantity

7070 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Aqua; 400/case
7071 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Blue 400/case
7072 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Gray; 400/case
7073 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Gold; 400/case
7074 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Green; 400/case
7075 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Lilac; 400/case
7076 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Orange; 400/case
7077 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Pink; 400/case
7078 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Red; 400/case
7079 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Tan; 400/case
7080 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames White; 400/case
7081 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® Stacked Frames Yellow; 400/case

Tissue-Tek® Paraform® LP Stacked Frames
Conveniently taped in sleeves for easy loading into General Data LaserTrackTM PH Laser Cassette printers

Product code

Product name and quantity

7064 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® LP Stacked Frames White; 400/case
7065 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® LP Stacked Frames Yellow; 400/case
7067 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® LP Stacked Frames Pink; 400/case
7058 Tissue‐Tek® Paraform® LP Stacked Frames Orange; 400/case

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