Advanced Staining

Does this sound familiar?

Mary gets a call from one of her pathologists about some add-on IHC slides that she needs to stain in order to complete a case by 12:00 noon. The pathologist is very particular and expects nothing less than perfect staining. One of Mary’s concerns is that she has very little tissue left in the block for the re-cuts and doesn’t want to waste any of it when she re-faces it. 

Once Mary received the slides and was preparing to start the run, she discovers that all three of her IHC instruments trays are in use and won’t be available for several hours. She is now annoyed that 2 of the trays are staining less than the 10 possible slides and she again has to wait until the first tray is finished.  She also realizes that a couple of the antibodies she needs are not on her other stainer and she will also need to wait until she can load the needed antibodies.  Because of this situation, the slides will be late and she is now behind.

Next, she must dehydrate the slides and get them coverslipped as quickly as possible. Because she uses glass it will take longer to dry and to provide them to the pathologist.

Where are my IHC Stains

Here’s how Sakura Finetek solved Mary’s need to speed up the turn-around-time for her pathologist's urgent IHC slides with the high quality that they all expect.

Using the Tissue-Tek AutoSection® Automated Microtome Mary was able to face the block in less than 15 seconds and preserve precious tissue during sectioning, leveraging its unique auto-alignment feature. And since the microtome is automated, it provides consistent tissue thickness that is very important during slide review and imaging.

Since IHC stain quality and faster turn-around-times are critical to the pathologists, the Tissue-Tek Genie® Advanced Staining System was the perfect choice for her laboratory. She can now load slides immediately without having to sort/batch them, wait for an open tray or for replacing reagent cartridges, because she can load slides into 30 independent staining stations using the innovative single-use antibody capsules. Since each staining station is independent, there is no impact at all to the schedule for the already running slides.  

Every day she is proud of her excellent work and receives positive feedback from all pathologists, because the stain quality is exactly what they demand – this only became possible due to the optimal score given to each Genie antibody by a world-renowned proficiency testing institute.

Once the slides are finished on the Genie in less than 2 ½ hours, she quickly dehydrates and coverslips the slides on the Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus with integrated Tissue-Tek Film® Coverslipper. Daily, now, she hands over slides to the pathologists within minutes - she no longer uses glass, and counts on the proven longevity of slides being stored for 10+ years using Film. 

Advanced Staining Solutions

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