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White House Announces Global Initiative to Accelerate Fight Against Cancer in Africa

Community outreach, Education    October 28, 2015    America, Global

Chicago, Oct. 28, 2015—The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) announced today the establishment of Partners for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Africa, a global initiative to provide patients in underserved areas of Sub- Saharan Africa access to rapid cancer diagnostics and appropriate care and treatment. The ASCP-led coalition, which was announced at the ASCP 2015 Annual Meeting in Long Beach, Calif., responds to a call to action issued by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
Approximately 650,000 people in Africa develop cancer annually, and about 510,000 cancer deaths occur annually due to limited treatment. More than one third of the cancer deaths in Africa are from cancers that are easily preventable and/or treatable, if detected early. This initiative will bring together organizations with the expertise necessary to diagnose cancer earlier and provide appropriate treatment, as well as establish a sustainable laboratory infrastructure to address these issues in the future.

ASCP Leads International Coalition to Stem Rapid Growth of Non-communicable Diseases and Improve Patient Care