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Sakura Finetek proudly launches the first and only American made manual rotary microtome to illuminate microtomy; Accu-Cut® SRM™ 300 LT Manual Microtome.

Product launch    September 23, 2018    America

​TORRANCE, CA - Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. today announced the commercial launch of the American made Accu-Cut® SRM™ 300 LT, Manual Microtome. 

The Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT is manufactured in Torrance, CA and is the first and only manual microtome with innovated features designed to make paraffin embedded tissue samples much easier to see and safer to section.  

Of the new features, the most prominent is the 4-color LED backlit 3D Precision Chuck, which increases the contrast between specimens and paraffin without warming the block. Histotechs can now quickly visualize translucent biopsies in the block using 1 or a combination of the 4 LED colors. Equally important is the fine angle adjustment of the 3D Precision Chuck to ensure accurate alignment of the block face to the blade to reduce trimming time and preserve patients’ specimens. Dial indicators display the angle position of the chuck so histotechs can quickly and accurately return to a zero/zero position. 

The compact and ergonomic design helps to minimize cumulative stress on the user and increases both efficiency and productivity. The course hand wheel is optimally sized and positioned for comfortable trimming in either clockwise or counter clockwise rotation that is switchable by the user. To ease sectioning comfort and user safety, an optional ergonomic handle is available to further reduce the risk of Repetitive Motion Disorders, a common and feared consequence of daily sectioning.

“The LED backlight feature has been so great. We are amazed by the difference it has made on some blocks, especially skin specimens where we need to be sure we were deep enough in the block to capture the entire inked tissue margin, as well as breast specimens that are often as opaque as the paraffin itself”, said Carla Shoffeitt, Pathology Manager at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. “The backlight really helped determine if we were getting the full section. We also appreciate the usefulness of having a light source behind the block for tiny biopsy specimens and cell blocks with scant material we could very easily see how much material was left in the block”  

The Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT includes many exclusive user safety features that reduce the risk of accidental injuries associated with blade exposure. The first and only Brake Lock Indicator displays that the chuck is locked and will not move while the user interacts with the microtome, providing users with enhanced safety and peace-of-mind. The enhanced red blade guard can be set in the UP position to protect the user from accidental exposure to the blade edge while sectioning.  

The Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT is also the first and only microtome to offer a space-saving Tool Organizer giving back precious bench space. 

To maximize section quality and further enhance operators’ sectioning experience, the  
Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT comes in two models, which includes retracting and non-retracting versions.  Both are optimized for use with the laboratories’ preferred disposable blades, Accu-Edge® Disposable Microtome Blades. 

About Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.  
With its U.S. office based in Torrance, California, Sakura Finetek is the global leader in advancing cancer diagnostics by providing integrated solutions for anatomic pathology and patient treatment through best-in-class innovation, quality and customer care.  With a strategic focus on end-to-end automation, Sakura Finetek continues to lead the industry in the development and commercialization of automated Histopathology instrumentation and consumables for anatomic pathology.   
Sakura Finetek systems dramatically increase efficiency, standardize results, and enable clinical laboratories to more simply manage their daily workload while significantly impacting patient care. 

For more information regarding Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT or any Sakura Finetek product, please visit www.sakuraus.com or contact: 

Erico von Bueren  
Director of Marketing  
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.  
1750 W. 214th St.  
Torrance, CA 90501  

MPRE0029 Rev. A

The Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT is manufactured in Torrance, CA and is the first and only manual microtome with innovated features designed to make paraffin embedded tissue samples much easier to see and safer to section.  


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