Sakura Finetek USA launches the Grossing Station Configurator

TORRANCE, CA – Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. announces the launch of our web-based Grossing Station Configurator at

“We are excited to launch our interactive Grossing Station Configurator on our website to empower customers and provide ease, convenience, and the opportunity to design their own Grossing Stations in real-time. This  improves the Grossing Station design process as a whole and provides a higher level of service and satisfaction to our customers”, said Alexis Donahoe, Product Manager for Sakura Finetek, Inc.

Users of the new Grossing Station Configurator have shared that “The Configurator is very intuitive, guiding you step by step through all the available accessories. It makes it simple. You don’t miss anything you need, especially when you are able to see images of all the accessories. The online Configurator makes it convenient for everyone to use by themselves or in discussions with others.”


• The Sakura Finetek Grossing Station Configurator is available for use for all Grossing Station models located on our website.
• The Configurator is compatible for use across PC's, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.
• The Grossing Station configuration is sent to the customer and their local Sakura Finetek Area Sales Manager upon completion for a personalized price quotation.

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Erico von Bueren
Sr. Director of Marketing and Strategy
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.
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